Vital Integrity Massage
with George Bare LMT


Yvonne Kreger May 23 • 11:22am

George brings a wealth of experience to his medical massage practice and I trust sending my patients, friends & family to him for help with chronic issues, motor vehicle accidents or even occasional overuse injuries.


I was referred to George’s healing massage work after I was involved in an auto accident several years ago. His massage in conjunction with my chiropractor’s treatment and a necessary knee surgery all helped me move through that healing experience in a complimentary and wholistic way. I am eternally grateful for the calm expertise and gentle massage George brought to my care. I continue to get massages from George as regular ‘tune ups’ as I do my inner work and work with others.
Teri Green, Ph.D. (Counseling Psychologist)


What a delightful experience to receive care from George! Not only is he very knowledgeable about the body and anatomy, he brings an energetic awareness to his work that is so powerful. He has helped me move stuckness that I was holding in my body, both on the physical and energetic planes. His technique is thorough, holistic, and a creative blend of scientific and esoteric. I highly recommend his work!

- Dr. Wolbers


"George is an experienced and skilled practitioner. He spends the time with his clients to get to the root of their issues and then builds his individual sessions on the strength of his expertise in modeling desired outcomes. "

Lize Viljoen


I have been seeing George Bare regularly for 12 years and highly recommend him.  George brings mastery of massage therapy as well as a calming presence to his work, so I leave each session feeling relaxed in both body and spirit.  Numerous times I have come in with a specific issue and George has addressed them successfully, often taking extra time to make sure I am getting relief.  George can do this because he is expert in several modalities and can apply the technique that best addresses his client’s needs.

Eric Hoem

"George Bare is an excellent massage therapist and in my mind goes above and beyond for his clients. Personal experience included.

Mari Ane Anderson L Ac"


"George is a miracle worker. I have never had my issues so quickly and completely resolved as when I have seen George."

Jon Roylance


"Competent and caring."

Dennis Plies